Showing Live Matches on Your Sports TV Channel

One of the ways in which you can popularize your sports TV channel is by showing live matches on it. To be sure, showing live matches is likely to be a costly affair. Yet it can also improve your sports TV channel ratings significantly. And with time, the better ratings are likely to translate into better revenues for the sports TV channel. Keep it in mind that people typically watch sports TV channels in search of two things: sports news and live matches. By going to the extent of showing live matches, you will be meeting your viewers’ expectations fully. And with time, they may come to regard your sports TV channel as their favorite.

To be in a position to show live matches on your sports TV channel, you need to:

  1. Identify the specific matches to show: these should be matches that are highly-anticipated. Matches pitting popular teams (or where important trophies are being played for) will tend to be worth showing live.
  2. Acquire rights to show the matches: this is usually a matter of identifying who has the TV rights to the matches, and then paying the requisite fees, to acquire the rights to show the matches live.
  3. Get an audience for the matches: this is just a question of telling the people, well in advance, that you will be showing such and such matches live. Only then will they be in a position to set aside time to watch the matches. Remember, people tend to plan for their time well in advance. Take, for instance, a viewer who happens to work for a company like PepsiCo. If he gets to know well in advance that you will be showing a certain match live, he can then proceed to the Mypepsico website to see whether his schedule would allow him to watch the match. This would be a matter of him going to the Mypepsico login page, signing in, and proceeding to the schedules section, to see whether his schedule allows him to watch the match. So in a nutshell, you need to announce the matches you will be showing ‘live’ well in advance, so that people can adjust their schedules to watch them.
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