Setting Up a Web-Based Sports Magazine

Nowadays, most people prefer to search for sports news online. This therefore means that a web-based sports magazine has great potential for success. If you can manage to set up a decent web-based sports magazine (with the sort of content people are looking for), and if you can get a huge enough mass of people to know about it, your prospects for success would be rather good. The actual process of setting up the web-based sports magazine is one that has 5 key steps:

  1. Acquiring the sports magazine web domain name: this is the address that people would be typing into their web browsers, in order to access the sports magazine. You can register such a name for as little as $10.
  2. Subscribing for a web hosting package for the magazine: you need to opt for a web hosting package that offers you plenty of bandwidth, considering the traffic that a popular web-based sports magazine is likely to attract.
  3. Acquiring content for the web-based sports magazine: this may mean hiring in-house writers, who would be creating content for you. Alternatively, you can be buying the content online. It is nonetheless a good idea to have your owner writers, who are capable of generating truly original content for the magazine.
  4. Optimizing the web-based sports magazine for the search engines: the objective here would be to ensure that whenever people search for sports-related news online (through the search engines) your sports magazine appears somewhere near the top of the search results. This may require a lot of effort.
  5. Getting as many people as possible to know about the sports magazine: the objective here is to ensure that you get people who can visit the sports magazine website on their own motion: meaning that you wouldn’t have to rely solely on ‘search engines’ traffic. For instance, someone may be going online to take part in the dollar general survey. Then, after completing the survey, he may decide to browse around, you know, visiting interesting sites that he knows of. Now if such an individual already knows about your sports magazine (maybe through ads he came across somewhere), he would be inclined to visit it.
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