Recruiting Writers for a Sports Magazine

One of the key steps you need to take, while trying to establish a sports magazine, is that of recruiting writers. It is the writers who are to subsequently generate the content to sustain the sports magazine. You therefore can’t afford to get things wrong while recruiting the writers. In other words, you need to put in your best efforts, while recruiting writers for a sports magazine. Some of the specific things you need to pay attention to while recruiting writers for this sort of magazine include:

  1. Aptitude: here, you look at the applicants’ ability to do the work. So you look at the applicants’ writing skills. Then you look at the applicants’ grasp of sporting issues. Further, you look at the applicants’ language skills… The best approach is to subject the applicants’ to practical interviews. Get them to write articles (the sorts of articles you’d want to go into the sports magazine you have in mind) and you will have a chance to assess the applicants’ aptitudes. You shouldn’t be apologetic for being so thorough in your assessment of applicants. Credit card issuers are more thorough in their assessments. Like if you go to a credit cards website like and try applying for a card there, you will be taken through a much more thorough assessment. Where, then, is the problem if you subject the people who apply for your sports magazine writer jobs to similarly thorough assessment? The stakes are high enough to warrant such thorough assessment.
  2. Attitude: here you try to figure out how the applicants perceive the job. Do they view it as a ‘real’ job? Or do they perceive it as a stop-gap gig they can engage in while looking for greener pastures?
  3. Experience: you may want to know how much experience the applicants have in similar jobs. But you also need to be aware of the fact that there are some people who lack experience, yet they are very fine writers.
  4. Affordability: you need to assess the applicants’ expectations, in terms of salaries and wages. You need to ultimately settle for writers you can afford to pay well. Otherwise your sports magazine won’t be financially sustainable.
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