Recruiting Anchors for a Sports TV Channel

Having set up a sports TV channel, you will find yourself having to recruit anchors from time to time. Right at the outset, you will have to recruit some anchors, to get the sports TV channel going. Then as time goes on, some of the anchors you started with will leave the channel – forcing you to recruit others to replace them. Furthermore, as time goes on, and as the sports TV channel grows, you will find yourself being forced to hire more anchors to support the growth. So the question we are attempting to answer today is the one on how you should go about the recruitment.

Things you need to look for, while recruiting anchors for a sports TV channel

It is important for us to have some insights into the things you need to look for, while recruiting anchors for a sports TV channel. Four things are critical here.

First, you look at the aptitude – for you need someone who is capable of reading (fast and fluently) from a script. Reading from a script is not as easy as it looks. It definitely isn’t as easy as checking a gift card’s balance (on the gift card website). Yet there are folks who are incapable of even that simple task of checking Mygiftcardsite Visa balance online. What we are trying to say here is that there are folks who simply don’t have the aptitude for being anchors on sports TV channels – or any other TV channels for that matter. You therefore need to craft some sort of aptitude test, to ensure that before going any further with a given applicant, he or she at least has the basic aptitude for the job.

Secondly, you need to have someone who is knowledgeable about sports. Anchoring is not just about parroting stuff from a script. It is also about knowing what you are reading, and being able to express the appropriate emotions.

Thirdly, you need to have someone who is confident and, of course, photogenic.

Recruitment through headhunting

One way in which you can recruit anchors for a sports TV channel is through headhunting. So you approach an anchor who is already working for another station, and try to persuade him to join yours. If you offer better terms, he may yield to the temptation. And there is a possibility that some of his fans will shift with him to the new station.

Recruitment through ordinary interviews

So this is where you put out ads, inviting people to apply for the anchoring jobs. Then you short-list the applicants, subject them to interviews and ultimately select the best of the best to be your anchors.

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