How to Protect Your Sports TV Channel from Lawsuits

Media houses are prone to lawsuits. Every once in a while, we come across reports of some media house that is being sued for one reason or another. Most of the cases revolve around libel: where someone claims that a media house defamed him, and that he has to be compensated. But we also have cases where media houses are sued for wrongful dismissal of employees, trespass… and all sorts of other issues. Therefore, while setting up a sports TV channel, you need to be aware of the fact that you could face lawsuits if you don’t do things properly. Even if you do things properly, you could still face lawsuits from opportunistic individuals. And so the question that arises is on how to protect your sports TV station from lawsuits.

Some of the ways in which you can protect your sports TV channel from lawsuits include:

  1. By seeing to it that all transactions are done in a lawful manner
  2. By combing through the stories that are to be aired, and getting rid of anything that is potentially libelous
  3. By hiring an in-house attorney, to advise on legal issues

Of course, there is no way in which you can protect your sports TV channel from lawsuits completely. We live in a litigious society, and you can be sued by pretty much anybody, and for pretty much anything (whether real or imaginary). Sometimes, it can get really ridiculous. You could, for instance, opt to air a late night live match on your sports TV channel. One of the people viewing it could turn out to be someone who works at Darden: meaning that he gets his paychecks through the krowd darden access portal. It could be a case where the individual in question here checked his krowd employee schedule in a hurry, and got the impression that he wouldn’t be on-duty the next day. Unfortunately, it turns out that he was actually supposed to be on duty. But having opted to stay up late watching the live match on your sports TV channel, he ends up being unable to report to work on time the next day. He therefore ends up losing the position at Darden… You could subsequently be surprised to see this sort of fellow bringing up a lawsuit against you, on account of your sports TV channel having made him lose his position at Darden! Yet all you did was to air a late night live match on your sports TV channel, and you didn’t force him to stay up late watching the match.

That may be an extreme case, but it shows the ridiculousness of the lawsuits you may end up facing, once you set up a sports TV channel. You therefore need to do everything in your power to avoid the lawsuits that are avoidable. Then you need to put up spirited defenses for the lawsuits that turn out to be unavoidable.

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