How to Establish a Sports Magazine

There are certain key steps you need to follow while trying to establish a sports magazine.

Firstly, there is the decision-making step: where you make decisions on the specific sports to be covered in the magazine, how the magazine is to be structured and how the magazine is to be distributed. You also make decisions on how frequently the magazine is to be published, how many pages the magazine is to be, whether it is to be on glossy paper or on ordinary plain paper, how the magazine is to be monetized… and so on.

Secondly, having made the necessary decisions, you acquire premises from where the magazine is to be published.

Thirdly, after acquiring the premises to house the magazine, you go ahead and acquire the equipment you are to use in the production of the magazine. If you don’t have money to buy your own printing press, you can opt to be printing the magazine using a hired press. That is where, for instance, you can be outsourcing the printing work to a company that specializes in that. Or you can opt to have a digital-only magazine, which is to be accessed online, without any need for printing works. This is actually a viable option. After all, companies like CVS health are nowadays able to sell their products through online channels. And if that is possible, there is no reason as to why you should have difficulties having a sports magazine that is entirely digital, with no print edition.

Fourthly, after acquiring the equipment you are to use in the production of the magazine, you hire the team you are to work with in publishing the sports magazine. So you hire the reporters, sub-editors, editors, photographers and other support staff. The reporters can in turn go out to the field and recruit potential news sources, ultimately giving you all the manpower you need to keep a sports magazine running.

Fifthly, after hiring the team you are to work with in publishing the sports magazine, you set up a distribution system for the magazine. This is the system through which the magazine would be moving from your publishing house and reaching its targeted audience.

After going through those five steps, you can start publishing and distributing the magazine. Initially, the sales will be slow. But if you have good content, and if the magazine is well marketed, it will start attracting readers. Soon you will find yourself being able to sell many copies. Then you would know that you are making progress, in your journey towards real success.

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