How to Distribute Your Sports Magazine

Before starting to publish a sports magazine, you have to deal with the question of how it is to be distributed. As you are bound to learn soon, publishing a sports magazine is one thing. Getting the magazine to reach readers is a different matter altogether. It is possible to have a very good sports magazine that doesn’t reach readers. And to the extent that your sports magazine can’t reach readers, it would mean that you wouldn’t be making sales. Then, naturally, the venture would become unsustainable, and eventually fail.

The two options

You have to main options, when it comes to distributing a sports magazine. The first option is that of contracting existing distributors, to help you in delivering your magazine to readers. The second option is that of establishing your own distribution network from scratch.

Contracting existing distributors

There are people who already have newspaper and magazine distributorship businesses that are running. You can contract such people, to help you deliver your sports magazine to the readers. You can have an arrangement where you pay them a commission, for every copy they manage to sell. So this would be a win-win arrangement, and it would spare you from the pains of having to build your own distribution chain from scratch.

Establishing your own distribution chain

If there are hitches in contracting existing distributors, you can opt to establish your own distribution chain. So this would be a question of hiring people to work in the distribution chain. Then you would need to acquire vehicles for the distribution chain: either by way of buying or leasing. The distributors in this case would be functioning as your own employees. You would therefore even give them accounts in your HR portal – that is, if you have a workers portal similar to the Nordstrom employee portal. The portal in question helps you in managing your employees’ hours, paychecks, benefits schedules… and so on. In Nordstrom’s case, for instance, the staff just have to sign in at the Nordstrom employee login page, to access all their work-related resources in one place. You can have a similar portal for your sport’s magazine employees: who, in this case, would include the people working in the magazine’s distribution chain.

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