How to Distinguish Your Web-Based Sports Magazine from the Rest

There are lots of web-based sports magazines out there. Therefore, when you start publishing your web-based sports magazine, it will be ‘just one of the many’ that are available online. The challenge you will face, then, is that of distinguishing your magazine from the rest. In other words, you will need to figure out how to make people choose your magazine, from the many that are available online.

As you are bound to discover, making a web-based magazine stand out is just a question of creating superior quality. In other words, the only way you can make people opt for your sports magazine (rather than the many others that are available online) is by having superior quality. In practical terms, you will need to:

  1. Go through the other existing web-based sports magazines, to see what they have to offer, in terms of quality.
  2. Figure out how you can offer better quality, to make your magazine stand out from the rest (that is, what you can improve upon).
  3. Get the content developers to help you generate the ‘superior’ content that will make your web-based sports magazine stand out.
  4. Go ahead to publish the web-based sports magazine with superior content
  5. Advertise the magazine, to make people aware of the fact that there is a sports magazine with ‘superior content’ out there.
  6. Ensure that you consistently maintain superior content – offering information that other web-based sports magazines are not offering.
  7. Have a mechanism for gauging whether the magazine’s readers are satisfied with what they are getting.

You will also need to ensure that you monetize the web-based sports magazine in the right manner, so as to maximize on the revenues. It is very easy to have a popular web-based sports magazine that is not bringing in much money. So you find that, in spite of having a popular web-based sports magazine, you can’t even afford to apply for a credit card through the getmyoffer system. Even if you are invited to take up one such credit card, you are still unable to respond to capital one offer, because you can’t afford to maintain a credit card. These are situations you can avoid if you monetize your web-based sports magazine in the right manner.

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