Collecting Sports TV Viewer Feedback

Having established a sports TV channel, you will need to have a mechanism for collecting feedback from viewers. That is the only way in which you can get to know whether the viewers are satisfied with what you are offering them. That is also the only way in which you can get to know what the viewers really want, in terms of programming content.

Some of the specific ways in which you can collect sports TV viewer feedback include:

  1. Through the phone: this is where you set up a phone number that the viewers can call, to give their feedback to the TV channel’s management. So the idea would be to publicize the phone number, and encourage the viewers to give their feedback through it. This mechanism is fairly simple and straightforward to use. You may, for instance, acquire a Metro PCS phone line, and then use it for viewer feedback collection purposes. The only expense you’d have to cater for here is the phone bill expense. Yet chances are that you’d only have to pay very modest amounts of money at the metro pcs pay my bill portal. After all, it is the callers who would be paying their bills on the other end. In fact, if you use the line strictly for feedback collection purposes, without returning the calls, you could actually end up with a zero allocation on the pay my metropcs account. But even if there are bills to be paid, chances are that they’d be very modest.
  2. Through the Internet: this is where you can encourage the TV channel viewers to visit your website and give their feedback there. To get more people to give their feedback, you can have sweepstakes where people who leave their feedback would be entered, with a possibility of winning prizes.
  3. Through personal interviews: this is where you can send your agents out to interview people who are viewers of your sports TV channel, and collect their feedback. So this would be an interview where a person is first asked whether they view the specific TV channel. If they do, the interviewer can then go ahead to try to find out what they like about the channel, what they don’t like, the improvements they’d like to see… and so on.
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