3 Ways to Generate Content for Your Sports Magazine

One of the main challenges you are likely to face, as a sports magazine publisher, is that of generating content. For your sports magazine to be popular, it needs to have worthwhile content. A sports magazine is as good as the content in it. If your sports magazine develops a reputation for always having good content, the numbers of people who express interest in buying it will keep on increasing. And as the numbers of the magazine’s readers increase, so will the number of advertisers expressing interest advertising through it. So content is very important – and the question that arises is as to how you can generate worthwhile content for your sports magazine. In my experience, there are 3 main ways in which you can generate content for your sports magazine:

  1. By sending reporters to cover important sporting events: the objective would be to ensure that your sports magazine contains authoritative reports on the important sporting events. You shouldn’t fear that the cost of sending reporters to all important sporting events will be too high. Reporters don’t actually cost too much money to hire. You can even hire people on a part-time basis, to report for your sports magazine. You may, for instance, have a sports fanatic who works for UPS and who is willing to report for your magazine (at a very low cost) when he is off duty. So he would only have to visit the Upsers website, to check his schedule, and know when he is likely to be off-duty. Of course, for him to be able to use the website in that way, he’d need to have gone through the UPSers sign up process. But that is usually a straightforward process. Then if the important sporting events coincide with times when he is off duty, you can dispatch him to report on the same. His reporting doesn’t have to be excellent: he can send ‘basic’ reports, which can then be refined by your sports magazine’s sub-editors.
  2. By interviewing important sporting personalities: whether the personalities in question happen to be the players, the coaches, the sports sponsors or the sports administrators, sports enthusiasts will surely enjoy reading such interviews.
  3. By cultivating ‘sources’ in the sporting fraternity: these are sources from whom you can get ‘rumors’ about things that are happening in the sports fraternity. You can then investigate, and develop those rumors into readable stories — stories that are likely to captivate your magazine’s readers a great deal.
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